Dave Grohl Admits He Once Planned A ‘Fake’ Foo Fighters Breakup

Having released a horror-comedy movie, Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl talked about how tight he is with his band members and stressed they have never come close to breaking up. He stated that he once got an idea to fool his fans, and it was a funny plan even though he didn’t go ahead with it.

Dave Grohl formed Foo Fighters in 1994 after Kurt Cobain’s death and Nirvana’s subsequent disbandment. It was initially Dave’s backup band but later developed into a fully formed band and became an influential act in the rock scene. The band quickly gained success and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the first year of their eligibility in 2021.

The band’s success and popularity increased, and the members, Dave and his sense of humor, won the hearts of their fans during interviews. Aside from being a successful rocker, Dave also has a heartwarming personality and knows how to make his fans laugh.

In a recent interview, he talked about the bond they have with the Foo Fighters members and how amazing it is that they never came close to breaking up. This topic surfaced only before releasing one of their records when he came up with an evil plan to trick their fans into believing they were disbanding. Even though it would have been good PR, they decided not to proceed with it.

Here is how he explained the plan:

“I had a ridiculous idea a few years ago that before the release of one of our records, we would each write a biography in which we would each talk sh*t about the other members. They’d all come out the same day, and then we’d have a press conference saying that after reading each other’s books, we’d decided we all hated each other and were breaking up.

And then the idea was a couple of weeks later we’d announce The Reunion Tour just for a joke. We didn’t do it, but I thought it was a funny plan.”

Foo Fighters’ new movie ‘Studio 666’ recently hit the cinemas. In the film, the band is in the process of creating a new record, but they all hit writer’s block. The house they’re recording in turns out to be haunted, and mysterious events start to unfold.

Watch the trailer below.