Dan Reynolds Shares New Update About The Process Of Imagine Dragons’ 2021 Album

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing how the upcoming album of the band is going with a humorous picture of his son Coco playing with rocks, implying that he’s working quite hard on the album in order to finish it for the fans.

As you might remember, Imagine Dragons’ latest and fourth studio album, ‘Origins’ was released on November 9, 2018, debuting at number two on the US Billboard 200.  With the album’s successful singles such as ‘Natural,’ ‘Zero,’ ‘Machine,’ and ‘Bad Liar,’ fans loved the band’s improvement and cannot wait to hear more from them.

Imagine Dragons lead singer previously announced that the band members have been working on a new album during the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, furthermore, the official Twitter account of Imagine Dragons shared two brand new songs, ‘Follow You’ and ‘Cutthroat,’ from their upcoming album. 

Since then, their fans have been waiting for a release date to come or else a brand new single so that they can hear more about the band’s upcoming fifth studio album. While Dan Reynolds finally shared a post on his official Twitter page, the detail about the album is quite far from the expectations of the fans.

Apparently, Imagine Dragons’ frontman has been working on this album and came to the end nearly as he showed an adorable picture of his son Coco playing with his rocks and stated that this is exactly how he feels while finishing the album.

Here is what Reynolds said:

me busy finishing the album over here”

You can see the Twitter post and listen to Imagine Dragons’ new singles below.