Dan Reynolds Announces The Release Of Imagine Dragons’ New Song For League Of Legends

Dan Reynolds announced a brand new Imagine Dragons songs for the new Riot Games project via his official Twitter account.

Last month, Riot Games officially confirmed that they will release an animated League Of Legends series that features the stories of Jinx and Vi characters, who are sisters and both champions in the game. The series is co-produced by Netflix, and it’s named ‘Arcane: League Of Legends.’

The first act will be released on November 6, and the second act will drop two weeks later. Before the new series goes live, Dan Reynolds announced that Imagine Dragons worked on a new official soundtrack for ‘Arcane: League Of Legends’ named ‘Enemy.’

Moreover, the song also features the rap artist J.I.D. They have created a music video as well, which was shared on their YouTube account and offers a glimpse of the relationship between Jinx and Vi, which will be handled in the series.

Dan Reynolds announced the release:

“Been a long time coming for this one. ‘Enemy’ with the brilliant J.I.D  finally out. So much love and gratitude to Riot Games, J.I.D, League Of Legends, Arcane,  Marc Merrill, Justin Tranter, Mattman and Robin, and more.”

You can check out the post and music video below.