Dan Peek And Dewey Bunnell’s Blame Game Regarding America’s Reunion

As a successful rock band, America experienced an interesting event in its history when Dan Peek left the trio. His departure sparked many rumors and left fans to speculate about a reunion for years to come. The dynamics between the members and the reasons behind the singer’s exit remained a point of discussion among fans and the music industry alike.

The band, formed by Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, and Dan Peek, achieved significant success in their early career with their blend of folk-rock and pop. As a trio, they were responsible for several popular hits, including ‘A Horse with No Name’ and ‘Ventura Highway.’

However, their success decreased when Peek left in 1977. The reason for his departure remained unclear due to contradicting statements. In his autobiography, ‘An American Band,’ the former member claimed he was voted out by the other two members for being late to a rehearsal. However, they denied this, stating that the musician left willingly because of his renewed faith and a change in his artistic direction.

Following his departure, the original trio came together only twice, fueling further opinions about their relationship. The first instance was when the duo contributed to Dan Peek’s 1978 solo debut album, ‘All Things Are Possible,’ showcasing their musical companionship. The second time, Dan joined the others on stage for a concert in 1983, giving fans a rare glimpse of the original lineup performing together.

These interactions, coupled with the ongoing hope among fans, led to an abundance of rumors surrounding the potential reunion of America as a trio. The speculations ranged from whispers of secret meetings to discussions about recording new music together. However, despite their fans’ desire for a reunion, it never materialized, leaving many to wonder what the reason could have been.

In a 2010 interview with Goldmine, Peek revealed that they did not and would not reunite due to a lack of contact between the former bandmates. He claimed that Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley avoided interacting with him, citing weak excuses for their reasons, causing their relationship to fade in time.

His words about the matter read:

“Literally, the guys won’t even sit down to have lunch with me for whatever their reasons… I mean, they gave a reason, but it was just so bogus it just didn’t fly with me as an excuse. But I went to great pains, and a lot of people were very upset with some of the things I wrote about the nasty nature of the breakup. But my point, in sort of bare-knuckling it with these issues was, look, a reunion is not gonna happen.

I know all things are possible and ‘never say never,’ but really, it’s almost hard to imagine a scenario where there would be a reunion. We came very close to doing one… In fact, that was, in some ways, what precipitated me writing the book and certainly precipitated some of the things that I then wrote on the blog site about the America ‘thing,’ explaining why it just doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards for it to happen.”

Similarly, in a 2013 statement shared by Houston Press, Bunnell revealed that nobody, including Dan Peek, attempted to bring the trio back together. He stated that it was never a serious concept between the band members like it was among the fans because everyone was focused on their respective careers. That’s why he also mentioned that he did not regret not reuniting the original lineup after his former bandmate’s death.

The musician expressed himself by saying:

“The three of us were never close to having a reunion. It would be brought up – mostly by the fans, who were passionate about it. But between [the three of] us, it would go back and forth and sputter out. It was never a serious concept.

Gerry and I just felt… Well, Dan never pursued it [a reunion] either. We were all resigned to our respective paths after he left. But, of course, the finality of his death quashed any idea. But I don’t have any terrible regret about it.”

Dan Peek passed away in his sleep due to uremic pericarditis in 2011, putting an end to any further theories about a potential reunion. The circumstances surrounding his departure and the relationships between the former friends remained complex, and a reunion went on to be elusive until his untimely death.