Damn Yankees’ Ted Nugent Song That Became His First Mainstream Top 10 Single

Supergroups are widespread formations in the music world. Either a rocker takes a break from their bands and collaborates with other musicians to form a temporary new band, or their ventures with the supergroup take them higher and surpass their main bands or solo careers. Supergroups like Cream, CSNY, and Audioslave are known to be prominent and perhaps more successful than the individual band members’ careers.

Damn Yankees was also a fairly successful supergroup formed in 1989, and the band consisted of Tommy Shaw from Styx, Jack Blades from Night Ranger, Ted Nugent from The Amboy Dukes, and Michael Cartellone. The band was initially active from 1989 to 1996; they reunited in 1998 and worked until 2001. They had brief reunions in 2004 and 2010 later on. They have two studio albums and nine singles, one of which became a mainstream top ten single and was the first mainstream single of the guitarist Ted Nugent.

Which Song Became Ted Nugent’s First Mainstream Hit?

Ted Nugent is a successful musician that has worked with many bands and gained fame with The Amboy Dukes as their lead guitarist. Later, he continued his career as a solo musician. In 1990, Damn Yankees released their power ballad ‘High Enough’ as a single, which became a huge hit and gave Ted Nugent his first success for contributing to a top ten single.

The glam metal song was also grabbed by Hollywood and was used in many film soundtracks like ‘Gremlins 2,’ ‘The New Batch,’ ‘Nothing But Trouble,’ and ‘The Taking of Beverly Hills.’ It was the band’s highest-selling single and rose to number three on US Billboard and number two on AOR charts. It was written by Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, and Ted Nugent and produced by Ron Nevison and Tommy Shephard.

You can listen to Ted Nugent’s first number-one single, ‘High Enough’ below.