Crosby, Stills And Nash Are Back On Spotify After Quitting To Support Neil Young

Crosby, Stills & Nash have come back to Spotify after they decided to quit the streaming platform for a while to support Neil Young.

In the previous months, Neil Young reacted harshly to The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast by advocating it spread misinformation about the global Covid-19 pandemic and the vaccines. Young threatened Spotify, saying he would remove his entire music from the platform if they did not stop airing Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Young took the risk of a potential financial loss by being removed from the streaming platform. Later, Spotify removed the rocker’s music instead of Joe Rogan’s podcast. During the process, Young received support from many fellow musicians. Joni Mitchell became the first one as a close friend of Young, deciding to remove her music from the streaming platform.

Bruce Springsteen guitarist Nils Lofgren, the rock band Failure, and India Arie followed Young’s decision and showed their support to the musician. Furthermore, Young’s former bandmates from CSNY were among the names who supported the rocker. They stated they were proud of Neil Young and did not want to be on the same platform as Rogan. So, they became among the musicians who removed their music from Spotify.

Recently, CSN has returned to Spotify, and they can be streamed on the platform from now on. The band’s entire catalog has been available since July 2, and the band will donate the income gained from Spotify to COVID-19 charities.