Courtney Love Shows Off New Tattoo In Honor Of Daughter Frances’ Birthday

Kurt Cobain’s widow and The Hole singer, Courtney Love, revealed her brand new tattoo by sharing a recent post on her official Instagram account.

As you can see in the footage, Courtney made a tattoo that reads ‘The Fool’ and features a cute dog and lots of colors, and she got it done on her forearm, right on her wrist. As Courtney said, she was inspired by a Korean stick/poke artist and decided to go for it.

However, ‘The Fool’ is not simply a tattoo that Courtney randomly came up with. It is one of the 78 tarot carts that is sometimes numbered as the first and the last, even though its actual number in the deck is zero.

Afterward, Courtney also pointed out she got it done on her daughter’s birthday, Frances Bean Cobain, who is now 29, and she wanted to honor Frances’ birthday with this unique tattoo that will stay on her body infinitely.

Furthermore, Courtney went on to praise her daughter and stated that she is like a pegasus to Courtney. For her, Frances represents innocence, open-mindedness, and enlightenment, just like her new ‘The Fool’ tattoo.

Courtney Love on getting this tattoo via Instagram:

“Mid-life ink era begins. I saw these new dyes from a Korean stick/poke artist, got inspired, figured maybe my philosophy of only ever getting tattoos, in the red light districts of harbor towns when drunk, was slightly dated.

Also wanted to do a tribute to my beautiful daughter, Frances, whose birthday it is today & to my Pegasus like magician fae Pom bell, & to the innocence, open mindedness, enlightenment, that is ‘The Fool.’ Number 0 in the major arcanum of the tarot.”

Later on, Courtney also thanked the artist who made this tattoo for her hard work. Then, she celebarted Frances’ birthday once again and expressed her eternal love for her daughter.