Courtney Love Shares The Lesson Kate Moss Taught Her

It’s not the first time Courtney Love celebrated supermodel Kate Moss’ birthday, and it probably won’t be the last. Love had celebrated Moss’s 47th birthday on Instagram with the caption of how they had met and become friends. To celebrate her 49th birthday, the singer shared a funny story about jeans this time.

Courtney began to tell the story of their road trip to a festival, saying, “Old chestnut time! With new adventures ascending. I’d tell you about the time Kate Moss and I were in a car going to, I think, Glasto (I can’t find a single photo though. So around 07? A festival) and she was wearing her genius, only she can pull them off, now iconic, festival denim shorts.”

Love continued, “I made the driver stop at a petrol station and bought scissors to make my jeans shorts too. And not only did I cut my jeans way too short. (I have no idea the year- that’s how good a time it was. A dude. A band. A festival.) I grabbed a dude’s shirt to cover my butt because try as I might – it wasn’t looking like Kate’s.”

The former Hole vocalist also praised Moss for her perseverance throughout her public life. She noted, “Happy birthday to my fantastic example of how to handle so much sh*t for such a long time and not let it warp you that much. Gracefully and with your head held high. Proving that, sometimes, a woman’s silence is her superpower.”

The musician wrapped her message to Kate, saying, “My friend Kate. Evidence that everything that comes around happens for a reason and that we do recover. On our terms. Happy birthday rock and roll goddess. I Love you, Coca-Cola x Disney.”

For Moss’ 47th birthday, Love had shared a nude picture of Kate Moss. For this year’s celebration post, the actor shared a photo of them and two other images from Kate’s photoshoots. Even though there have been some misunderstandings between them, like in any other friendship, Courtney’s love and admiration for the model have always been strong.

Photo Credit: Courtney Love – Instagram