Courtney Love Recalls Her Special Jim Carrey Moment And Says She Wants To Do It Again


Courtney Love recalled her incredible experiences with Jim Carrey and revealed her wish to do it again in her recent Instagram post.

Courtney Love is a singer-songwriter and actress who is also an influential figure in the alternative and grunge music scene. She formed the alternative rock band Hole in 1989 and was the frontwoman. Apart from that, Love also gained popularity with her marriage to Kurt Cobain alongside her live performances and controversial statements.

The iconic singer Courtney Love also pursued an acting career. She appeared in the film ‘Man On The Moon‘ in 1999, and following that, she also starred in ‘Trapped’ in 2002. In ‘Man On The Moon,’ she starred alongside the renowned comedian Jim Carrey as his partner Lynne Margulies.

As seen in her recent Instagram post, Courtney Love recalled when she had the chance to work with Jim Carrey. Love included a clip from the film, and in the caption, she described her involvement as an honor and a pleasant memory. Courtney also pointed out how cute Jim Carrey was in the film, saying it was a delight to shoot. The musician then revealed that she enjoyed acting a lot, and she might want to do it again.

Courtney Love’s Instagram post read:

“Throwback Thursday, ‘Man On The Moon.’

Every comedian I know swears by this film. What an honor & nice memory, and a delight to shoot. Look how cute Jim Carrey is! Pre genre (comics) movie era, there were, occasionally, incredible budgets for brilliant cinema. I liked acting a lot when it was family like this shoot was. When I grow up, I may do it again.”

‘Man On The Moon’ premiered on December 22, 1999, in the United States. However, it was not commercially successful and received mixed reviews. Despite its commercial failure, Carrey won his second Golden Globe for his successful performance in the film.