Courtney Love Is Sure Kurt Cobain Is In A Better Place

Courtney Love recently shared a rare picture of her late husband, Kurt Cobain, on Instagram, noting what made her miss the Nirvana icon most.

April 5 marked the twenty-eighth anniversary of Cobain’s passing, as the rocker left behind a note bidding farewell and made his way out of the Earth. There have been numerous conspiracies since, with many blaming his widow Courtney, but perhaps, at the end of the day, it became evident that Kurt was a delicate soul who got worn out by the blinding spotlight, and even his favorite book eerily predicted his tragic end.

So, Love wanted to pay homage to her husband by sharing a rare glimpse of him, a picture taken by none other than the pair’s close friend and R.E.M. frontman, Michael Stipe. The image was black and white, and Michael’s shot only showed a close-up of Kurt’s hands, but that was all it took for Love to carve the simple imagery in the depths of her mind.

Hole frontwoman stated that Stipe had taken shots of numerous other celebrities, or whatever he found inspiring enough, and he usually aimed to catch the shine within one’s eyes, but when it came to Cobain, the R.E.M. singer decided to fixate on the beauty of his hands, which Courtney also adored, disclosing how they were among the things that made her miss him.

The rocker then discussed she couldn’t help but long for her husband’s presence, though she recalled how their joint practice of Buddhism made him quite happy, leaving Courtney with a wish that Kurt was in a better place where he could finally be in peace and rest. The rocker then bid her farewell by saying she loved and missed him, ending her words with a Japanese Buddhist mantra.

The couple’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, also left a brief note at the end of her mother’s words, through her pseudonym, the Space Witch, saying that she greatly missed her father.

Courtney’s words on Stipe’s shot, Kurt’s hands, and how much she missed him:

“I love beautiful hands; it’s the first thing I look at in another. I love that the only photograph of Kurt that Michael Stipe took, despite being a lover of all sorts of beauty, kudzu, Helena Christensen, River Pheonix, dozens if not 100s of gorgeous photos of people he finds and sees their ‘Shen’ (a Chinese word of what’s in the eyes – loosely translated as ‘mojo’ but more about the ‘twinkle.’

But Micheal saw these hands. These left-handed beautiful hands, like a votive, a mudra, a shot this singular, powerful photograph of my twin flame. It is one of the only images (or sounds/ tastes etc.) that makes me miss him deeply. But he chanted with me often [and] truly was moved by our Buddhist practice.

Thus, I know he’s in an enlightened place, more so than we here in mappo are. ‘The arms of a 1000 Buddhas outstretched to greet you,’ the Gosho says. Nam myoho renge kyo [Devotion to the Mystic Law of the Lotus Sutra], dear Kurt D. C.”

Frances’ short message included the following:

“I [and] we love [and] miss you, [signed by] the Space Witch.”

It’s evident that although it’s been over two decades, Kurt’s presence is still dearly missed by his family. I mean, millions of avid Nirvana fans and strangers who never got to know the singer chant all over the internet, stating they miss him greatly, so one cannot imagine what the people who knew the rocker intimately feel.

Photo Credits: Courtney Love – Instagram