Corey Taylor Slams Kanye West For His High-Priced Album Release


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor spoke to Metro and heavily targeted famous rapper Kanye West by calling him a ‘moron’ following the release of the musician’s controversial latest album. According to Taylor, West can’t sell an album like and explained the reasons behind his thought.

Kanye West released his eleventh studio album entitled ‘Donda 2’ on February 23, 2022, and before its release, West held an event named ‘Kanye West: Donda Experience Performance’ at LoanDepot Park. The album received mixed reviews from the rapper’s fans and music critics because of its sounds and lyrics and because of its streaming platform. While announcing his upcoming album, West revealed that his album would be only available on his platform, the Stem Player.

Here’s what West stated about his album:

“Today, artists get just 12 percent of the money the industry makes. It’s time to free music from this oppressive system. It’s time to take control and build our own. Go to the stemplayer website now to order.”

His statement criticizing artists earning little money due to the industry’s ‘oppressive system’ drew significant attention, especially when the fans found out that it would cost $200 if they wanted to listen to the whole album. The platform also allows users to mix and add different sounds to the songs for a new experience. Besides his fans, some musicians like Corey Taylor slammed West due to his decision to release the record exclusively.

Taylor stated that customizing availability is like giving people a car’s parts separately and asking them to build it, which he finds ridiculous. The singer claimed that only a moron could find this way appropriate but added that it’s not surprising as Kanye is surrounded by people who always tell him what he wants to hear. The Slipknot singer can’t believe how he could sell ‘Donda 2’ for $200 when most people can’t even afford their rents.

In Taylor’s words, he said:

“It’s like releasing all the parts for a car and sending them to people’s houses and going, ‘there, you got a free car, now you’ve got to figure out how to build the goddamn thing. You’re assuming that the audience has the access and same technology that you have, but you’re a f*cking moron for doing that.

Are you serious? It doesn’t work that way. The thinking that that’s a smart thing to do shows you how convoluted and off the property Kanye West is. When you’ve got that much money and that many people around you telling you exactly what you want to hear, your concept of reality goes right out the f*cking window. People can’t afford their apartments, for f*ck sake. It’s not right.”

Previously, in one of the interviews he joined, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor stated that he’s worried about West’s mental health because of the rapper’s words about himself and running for office. Taylor highlighted that a musician should have been more careful about what he said, considering its effects on people.