Corey Taylor Responds To Rumors About His Dolly Parton Collab

Corey Taylor recently appeared on Kerrang! Radio to answer some questions on fans, songwriting, and rumors. While answering the strangest rumor he’s ever seen about himself, the rocker addressed the Dolly Parton rumor.

The rumor suggests that Taylor joined Parton for her latest rock album, ‘Rockstar.’ The frontman revealed whether or not it’s true:

“Well, I mean, saying as somebody whose rumor was death four times, I don’t know how you top that, to be honest. When Dolly Parton released the idea about a rock album, for some reason, my name got stuck in there, which as rad as that would have been, I never got called, not even close.”

Although he didn’t get the call, another rocker did, and Taylor is happy to see him work with Parton. He revealed the name and continued:

“But I’m stoked that Rob Halford got on there, but yeah there is so many weird rumors about me. Then again, some of these are true, so I’m not going to confirm or deny those.”

The rumor was first spread by Madhouse Magazine, billing itself as ‘the greatest rock n roll comedy magazine in the world,’ evidently making it clear that the site is based on satire and comedy. Madhouse published the fake news under the title ‘Dolly Parton To Record Album With Heavy Metal Band Slipknot,’ causing confusion among the fans of the two parties.

While the Slipknot rocker cleared the confusion up, we’re not sure if Parton heard the rumors since she didn’t make an official statement about the rumors.

Below, you can see the recent interview.