Corey Taylor Likens Son Griffin’s Band To Slipknot

Corey Taylor recently discussed his son Griffin’s musical career and whether the young rocker ever asked him for advice while chatting with Barstool Backstage on September 7. He said:

“He asks now, like, in the beginning, when he was first starting out, I didn’t want to offer anything; I never pushed him towards music. He kind of came into it on his own. I tried to teach him how to play it. He’s gonna be twenty-one this year. When he first started, when he really started to get into it, he was about fourteen. He started doing stuff at his school for talent shows.”

He continued by recalling Griffin’s early stunts with music:

“He’d come to me saying, ‘I need you to cut a song together for me with no lyrics.’ So, I was like, ‘What the hell are you talking about?’ So, I would do these weird edits for Avenged Sevenfold and he’d sing that for his school. He was always vocals; he didn’t have the patience ’cause I tried to sit him down and teach him guitar. He didn’t want to have anything and I was like, ‘Fine.'”

Then, the singer shared how his son put together his band Vended:

“He plays drums. He taught himself how to play drums. So, fast forward a little bit, he and his friends start a band in middle school, and Cole [Espeland], his guitar player now, is the same dude that he was in a band with. So, they’ve been up like the whole time, like they’re super close and they ended up joining forces with a band from another school. It wasn’t like a rival thing; they were just looking for dudes who were really into it. Then, their drummer didn’t work out, so they got Simon [Crahan] who is [drummer] Clown’s son.”

Taylor further continued by expressing why Griffin’s bands reminded him of Slipknot’s origins:

“Griffin and Simon know each other for a griff. So, they’d known each other for a long time. So, to see these guys really start to put it together; it was like watching Slipknot get together in real time because we all knew each other, we were all in the scene with different bands and stuff. And all of a sudden, we started recognizing that we were the dudes in all our bands that were making it happen. We had the hustle, we had the passion.”

Corey had previously expressed admiration for his son, and you can check out here to read why he was surprised when Griffin wanted to become a fellow rocker and how he believed his son was a better musician than he was.

Check out the full conversation below.