Corey Taylor Says His Son Griffin Is ‘So Much Better Than He Was’

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor recently chatted with Chaoszine, where they discussed various topics, including Slipknot’s first album, his personal music project, his son, and more.

When asked about the performance of his son’s metal band, Vended, Taylor revealed that Griffin is better than he was at that age. Mentioning his son’s progress, the rocker said:

“He’s doing really well. He took to this so quick, dude. He is so much better than I was on stage at that age. He’s just natural, you know, and watching him just get better at it and better at it… Got a little mad, you know, it took me time to figure it out, and he’s just really good right away, I’m like, ‘You little motherf*cker…’

Although Corey envies his son’s ability to start at an earlier age, his paternal instincts come first. He continued:

“But I’m also the doting dad, and I tell everybody about it. And their new stuff is really good, dude. He played me some stuff that they had just been working on, and it’s f*cking amazing. I’m really, really stoked for people to hear it.”

As he stated in an earlier interview, the frontman doesn’t have to help his son in any way, and he loves seeing how music brings him and Griffin closer. He told:

“My son, I didn’t have to help him with anything, but he’s out on the road with his band, and they’re killing it. And in a way, that’s brought he and I even closer, man, because now he really, really gets it, and we talk now more than we ever have, which, to me, it’s beautiful.”

You can catch the whole interview down below.