Griffin Taylor On Corey Taylor’s Praising Words, ‘It’s My Father’

Griffin Taylor recently had a chat with Chaoszine, where they discussed his father, Slipknot’s frontman Corey Taylor’s approval of Vended and how far they have come as a band. Griffin said:

“It’s my father; he loves seeing the man that I’ve become in the f*cking stride that we take to do the shit that we do, and he has seen us from back when it was just me and Cole [Espeland] in his basement, and we were just like doing cover songs and, like, growing from that to being a five-man band, playing in f*cking Finland.”

Taylor added that he has enjoyed seeing his father side stage at their shows. He expressed:

“It’s been a long five-year road, but it’s been f*cking interesting and fantastic, and I’ve learned not only have I learned about myself, but everyone else has learned about themselves, and it’s been f*cking great seeing my dad’s side stage just nodding his head to the shit that we do and just f*cking giggling his ass off I love it.”

When Corey recently chatted with Chaoszine, the Slipknot frontman had talked about his son’s progress with Vended. Talking about how fast Griffin learned to perform on stage, Corey said:

“He’s doing really well. He took to this so quick, dude. He is so much better than I was on stage at that age. He’s just natural, you know, and watching him just get better at it and better at it… Got a little mad, you know, it took me time to figure it out, and he’s just really good right away, I’m like, ‘You little motherf*cker…'”

During the interview, Corey also praised the new Vended tracks Griffin played him by saying:

“But I’m also the doting dad, and I tell everybody about it. And their new stuff is really good, dude. He played me some stuff that they had just been working on, and it’s f*cking amazing. I’m really, really stoked for people to hear it.”

You can watch Griffin Taylor and Corey Taylor’s interview with Chaoszine below.