Comedian Steve Martin Recalls The Time Elvis Presley Handed Him Guns Backstage


The ‘L.A. Story’ actor Steve Martin opened up about when he first met the legend, Elvis Presley, during a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show. Apparently, the King of Rock and Roll wanted to show a piece of his collection, so he handed three guns to the comedian right when they first met.

For those of you who may not know, Elvis Presley was a huge gun collector. He left behind a collection of 32 handguns, one shotgun, and a machine gun. In particular, Presley’s revolvers were works of art since they featured ornate handles and intricate designs reflecting his flamboyant style.

The musician sometimes carried his guns with him during live performances and took a gun to his bedroom when he went to sleep at night. The iconic rocker was in love with each and every one of his guns, and he was very enthusiastic about showing them to other people as well.

During a recent interview, the comedian Steve Martin was asked about the first time he met Elvis Presley, and he revealed it was back in 1971 when he opened a show for Ann Margret. Knowing that Elvis would come to the show to see his close friend Ann, Martin deliberately left his backstage room’s door open so that he could see when the musician came.

While waiting to see the King of Rock and Roll, Martin first saw his then-wife Priscilla Presley walking toward him. Later, the comedian saw the musician wearing all white coming right behind his wife. The two started having a conversation right away, and that’s when the musician asked Martin if he wanted to see his guns.

Being a cautious gun owner, Elvis Presley handed Steve Martin the guns without their bullets, and he ended up holding three of Elvis’ guns backstage while the rocker was holding 18 bullets. The proud owner showed beautiful pieces from his collection, and Martin was the luckiest person of the day.

Steve Martin’s story with Elvis Presley follows:

“I remember it was 1971. I was backstage after opening for Ann Margret and I knew Elvis was coming that night to see Ann Margret ’cause they were friends. He was also opening the next night or something. So I’m waiting backstage and I leave my door room open so I can see Elvis. 

So, first I see a beautiful woman walking toward me and that’s Priscilla and then she moves away and there’s Elvis all in white. He looked great and he had the huge buckle. He looked at me and said, ‘Son you have an oblique sense of humor.’

He came in and we started talking. He said, ‘Wanna see my guns?’ And I said, ‘Yeah!’ He had three guns on him, he was very safety conscious. He brought out a derringer, held it up, and dropped the bullets in his hand before he gave me the gun so I could examine its all pearl-handled look. He pulled another gun, drops the bullets. Eventually, I’m holding three guns and Elvis is holding 18 bullets.

You can watch the interview down below.