Coldplay’s Chris Martin Recalls Bonding With Beyonce Over Same ‘Work Complaints’

In a recent episode of Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, Coldplay‘s Chris Martin offered insight that he realized that he has work complaints that align with Beyonce, whether it’s the lights on stage or knee problems, but it’s much better to know a peer also experiences the human stuff that most of us deal with behind the scenes.

The frontman shared his conversation with Beyonce after the Grammys, where the two musicians bonded over having knee problems on stage that signified to Martin that there are specific work complaints that only a peer in the industry could completely relate to and understand otherwise is totally obscure for other people.

As the stakes have risen and getting the chance to play in arenas over the world, the singer acknowledges more than ever that it’s his responsibility to make sure that he is giving his best performance to increase the chance of the crowd enjoying the show from start to finish and anything that goes wrong puts a certain amount of stress for the rest of the performance.

Chris Martin’s words about his work complaints that align with Beyonce read:

“So I saw Beyonce the other day after the Grammys, and you know she’s my hero and sister and everything, but it’s funny because I’m like, ‘I have a knee problem from the stage,’ and she’ll say, ‘Yeah me too’ you know you have like the same work complaints that no one else can talk about. I breathe too much of this and that yesterday the strobes didn’t go off at the right time complaints to anyone else in the world would say, ‘Go f*ck yourself.'”

He added:

It’s a responsibility and a job, it’s a responsibility, especially if you’re entertaining lots of people, you’re hosting them. You remember on your show, you know you feel responsible for I hope these people have a great time, and if something’s going wrong. It’s compromising that great time, or it’s compromising your ability to, it’s really alarming.”

Overall, hearing from icons and people that we idolize that they have similar struggles in their line of work or personal life makes a world of difference. For Chris Martin, it was a moment that showed that it is pretty common to have similar problems with peers in the industry, even if that is Beyonce.