Christine McVie Reflects On Her ‘Solid Bond’ With Stevie Nicks

Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie recently appeared as a guest on BBC’s Afternoon Show hosted by Nicola Meighan. The singer opened up about the solid bond between her and Stevie Nicks.

In a highly male-dominated industry like rock music, Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks became the faces of Fleetwood Mac during their tenure together. Besides being bandmates for over two decades, the two prominent female names in the rock scene are also close friends. They have shared a strong connection since the early days of their career and kept supporting each other.

Although they spent some time without seeing each other much when McVie decided to retire in 1998, they grew closer again with McVie’s return to the band after 16 years. Being the only two female band members never caused competition between the two. On the contrary, they’ve always counted on each other even when the tensions among the band members surfaced occasionally.

In a recent appearance, Christine McVie reflected on her enduring relationship with Stevie Nicks. The musician stated they don’t spend much time together since they live in different countries, McVie in London and Nicks in California. However, they always know that the other one will be always there if any of them needs help. Thus, they have a solid bond, which allows them to rely on each other in every situation.

Christine McVie’s statements on her relationship with Stevie Nicks:

“Yeah, well, we don’t sit and have coffee clutches together very much because she lives in California and I live in London, but there is always that friendship. There’s always that knowledge that if the other is in trouble, we’re there for each other. So, it is a good kinship and a solid bond.”

You can listen to the rest of the interview below.