Chris Thompson Recalls Joe Walsh’s Confession About Fooling People To ‘Make A Fortune’

Former Manfred Mann’s Earth Band vocalist Chris Thompson recently dialled in with Rock History Music to reflect on his memories, especially with The Eagles’ Joe Walsh. Chris described Joe as the ‘funniest man he’s ever seen’ and set the scene as:

“The night before the gig, I’m sitting with Brian [May] at the bar, we’re having a drink, and we’d been waiting for Joe, he didn’t turn up for the rehearsals in London, and he hadn’t turned up for the rehearsals that day either. And everybody was freaking out, Brian was sitting there all upset, and anyway. Next minute ‘Hey, Brian! My man!’ It was Joe.”

Thompson continued by revealing something that Joe confessed him after Brian introduced him and Walsh:

“So we’re sitting there, we’re having a beer and everything like that. Brian says ‘Joe, this is Chris Thompson. Do you know Chris Thompson?’ and Joe says ‘Yeah! I stole a toilet roll from his bathroom.’ He remembered that. And I spoke to him after it and said, ‘Jow, how can you possibly remember that?’ He said, ‘Man, I made a fortune pretending to be drunk or stoned,’ whatever. What a guy, what a guy.”

In a separate interview, when Manfred Mann’s The Midnight Special performance was pointed out, Chris shared an anectode about The Eagles:

“The funny thing about The Midnight Special was the Eagles were on that night as well. It was at a time when the band was falling to pieces, and they didn’t want to play with each other anymore. They kept stopping every thirty seconds, and theirs was a prerecorded thing. Ours was done in one take, but the Eagles kept doing it again. It became too embarrassing so they asked everybody to leave.”

After Thompson left Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, he maintained a successful solo career, meanwhile working with famous musicians, from Brian May to Steve Hackett, Bonnie Tyler, and Alan Parsons. Chris released his latest solo album ‘Crying Out Loud’ in 2019. You can check out the album here.

You can watch the whole excerpt here.