Chris Martin Explains Coldplay’s Decided Expiration Date

You know how they say, ‘all good things must come to an end.’ Well, Chris Martin seems to have firmly embraced this philosophy as he recently discussed Coldplay’s decided expiration date and why it didn’t mean the split of the band during an appearance on On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

So, on a previous note, Martin had disclosed their decision that Coldplay would only release three more albums before calling their quit. However, the act’s decision not to get into the studio to create new material didn’t mean they would fall apart and disband.

On the opposite, the singer is getting ready and excited for a new era of Coldplay. Still, the host couldn’t help but ask how their decision to call it quits creatively and not record something new together came about. Well, the singer readily had an answer for the question, discussing why all good things had to end, eventually.

“That is true, but lots [of] more tours [on the way],” answered Chris Martin when asked if the following three albums would be Coldplay’s last studio projects. Then, the host wanted the singer to detail the decision, and the singer continued, “I think if you think of something like Harry Potter or… sometimes, you can just feel when a story is gonna end. And that’s what I feel about our albums.”

It felt to the frontman that it would be the end of a creative era for the band. He discussed, “You know, this is a bit weird to talk about on your shoulder; [but] songs sort of come calling, and I’ve always had a vision of where we’re supposed to go and in terms of albums it finishes, and so I don’t wanna mess with that.” Then, when asked whether the band would continue touring, he noted, “I hope [so].”

Thus, it seemed like stopping hitting the studio to record something new after releasing three more albums was a mutual decision of Chris Martin and his fellow Coldplay bandmates. However, this only meant that the band would creatively expire as they wished and planned to continue touring and taking the stage all around the world.