Chris Jericho On Fozzy’s New Music: ‘Metallica And Journey’s Bastard Child That Was Raised By AC/DC’

Recently speaking to NME, Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho reflected on the band’s latest single, ‘Spotlight,’ and their upcoming tour.

‘Spotlight’ was released via Madison Records/The Orchard on October 19, accompanied by a music video directed by the band’s longtime producer Johnny Andrews and refined by mixer Jacob Hanson. Jericho likened Fozzy’s sound to a fusion of notable bands, stating:

“I’d say it’s like if Metallica and Journey had a bastard child that was raised by AC/DC, you might have a little bit of a sense of what we sound like.”

The Fozzy Concert Experience

He then emphasized the melodic yet heavy and groove-oriented nature of their music, adding:

“It’s very melodic, it’s heavy, it’s very groove-oriented, but it’s good time music. We built a reputation that when you come to a Fozzy gig, it’s just fun. There’s a lot of singing and chanting and jumping and just enjoying the groove. We take great pride in that.”

Adapting To The Music Industry

In a November chat with Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF radio station, Jericho discussed their future plans and revealed Fozzy’s approach of releasing songs individually, allowing each track to receive proper attention through radio play and live performances. While addressing the question of whether Fozzy will release another album, the singer said:

“I’m just saying for right now, I like the song-by-song development. And plus, it’s all about content nowadays. We hear, ‘Content, content, content.’ I’d rather have a new song released every three or four months rather than every one or two years. Like I said, I think it’s just the way of the world right now. We’re gonna work and go about things that way and see how that changes or doesn’t change the success of the songs that we’ve had.”

Fozzy’s ‘Spotlight On The UK’ tour, commencing on February 16 in Newport and concluding on February 26 in Northampton, marks the band’s 25th anniversary celebration. It will also be supported by British quartet The Hot Damn and US band Pistols At Dawn.

You can listen to ‘Spotlight’ below.