Charlie Benante Says He Cried Watching Phil Collins And Genesis Perform


Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante recently joined the Mitch Lafon And Jeremy White Show for an interview during which he admitted crying while watching Phil Collins performing with Genesis.

Phil Collins has been dealing with serious health issues throughout his life. Back in 2000, he developed a sudden hearing loss in his left ear, and this lasted two years until he received the correct treatment and recovered most of his hearing. In April 2009, the musician had surgery to repair dislocated vertebrae in his upper neck, but things didn’t go well after that.

Following the surgery, Collins noticed that he lost feeling in his fingers. Due to that, he was unable to grip drum sticks and play his drums. All of these considered, Collins began to suffer from psychological problems such as depression and low self-worth. His health condition affected his mental health so badly that he even contemplated suicide.

In 2015, Collins underwent a spine operation, and in 2016, he was still unable to hold the drum sticks with his left hand. He then fell in his hotel room in 2017 due to his drop foot. As of now, Collins has to use a cane and perform on the stage while sitting in a chair. So, despite his health condition, Collins seems like he is still eager to make music.

Back in December, Charlie Benante joined an interview with Revolver in which he claimed that his favorite musical moment was Genesis’ The Last Domino? Tour. He then said that while watching the band perform, he noticed Collins didn’t look very healthy. During that performance, seeing his heroes getting older saddened Benante.

In a recent interview with the Mitch Lafon And Jeremy White Show, Charlie Benante revealed that he also cried watching Genesis perform. He said seeing Collins sitting on a chair and watching his son Nicholas play drums triggered something in him, and that was quite emotional. Benante then added that he cried again when they played the song ‘Carpet Crawlers.’

During the conversation, Charlie Benante said about the Genesis concert the following:

“Some of the songs when they started playing them and seeing Phil up there who was sitting — he wasn’t standing, he wasn’t behind the drums either — just got to me. There were two songs that it got to me in, and I was like ‘Man, this is weird for me’ because my girlfriend Carla was looking at me. She’s like ‘Are you okay?’ and I’m like ‘I’m not.’ That’s the thing. I couldn’t control it.

It was like something happened, it triggered something. At the beginning of the show when they came walking out and Phil could barely walk and then he just sat, I thought to myself ‘Why are they doing this?’ Then it kicked in. It started out a little rough, but then by the third song, it was like a killer. His son Nicholas was playing drums, and he played just like his dad. I think that was the other thing that got me too. That was very emotional.

But by the time they played the song ‘Carpet Crawlers,’ I started crying again because it just brought me back. It’s one of my favorite songs, and it’s a Peter Gabriel song. I don’t know man, I’m so happy that I went. I wanted to go again, but of course, they were gone at this point in another state. So, I wish I had gone the night before.”

You can watch that part of the interview below.