Charlie Benante Doesn’t Rule Out New Pantera Music

In a recent interview with The Vinyl Guide Podcast, Charlie Benante talked about new Pantera music and said it’s still a possibility.

Benante reminded fans that Pantera previously talked about making a live album. He then showed interest in releasing an album using performances from the current tour:

“Yeah. We talked about that. We’ll see. We record a lot, and it’s probably just spending time with it and seeing what shows are good or taking a song from this show or a song from that show and compiling it for a live record. I would love to do that.”

The drummer also spoke about honoring his late friends with Pantera’s music and staying true to the original lineup. Benante believes it’s a chance for new fans to see Pantera’s music live. You can watch the full interview below:

Zakk Wylde Doesn’t Think So

Guitarist Zakk Wylde previously told Heavy that Pantera hasn’t ruled out the possibility. However, he said they are currently focused on other projects. Wylde added that any new music would likely not be released under the Pantera name:

“I mean, how could you call it Pantera unless it was just pre-existing material and we were gonna record it — stuff that was in demo state or whatever, and it is songs that the guys wrote. But as far as new songs, it would have to be — you’d call it something else.”

Benante says they decided to continue using the Pantera name as a tribute to the original members. Although he received criticism from the fans, the drummer thinks what’s important is making fans hear Pantera live again.

So, Is a ‘Pantera’ Album Still Possible?

Benante believes the current lineup has the potential to make new music, but Wylde suggests they have other projects to focus on. It seems they’ll make the last decision by considering fan reactions.

Pantera’s current lineup includes Benante on drums, Rex Brown on bass, Philip Anselmo on vocals, and Zakk Wylde as the guitarist. They are scheduled to support Metallica on a stadium tour next year.