Chad Kroeger Says The ‘Bar Was Really Low’ For Nickelback In Their Early Days

Nickelback vocalist Chad Kroeger and guitarist Ryan Peake participated in an interview with Robyn Lane on YouTube for the Rat. During the conversation, Chad talked about the band’s early days and recalled his concerns about the band’s future.

Although Nickelback occupies a contradictory place in the music world, the band gained fame and success on a global scale with ‘How You Remind Me’ and has been continuing its career since the late 90s. They were accused of being too commercial and, therefore, against the nature of rock music, but their albums have sold millions since the early 2000s. The primary justification for people’s accusation that Nickelback is too commercial is that they consistently use the same strategy to promote their albums.

Despite the negative feedback they received from the audience and their negative reputation in the rock world, the Canadian band has achieved international success. In a recent interview with 95.9 the Rat, Chad Kroeger explained that even though they finally found success, things weren’t easy for the band members at first. He stated that the bar was really low for Nickelback.

Referring to the challenges of a local Canadian band, Chad said that he didn’t even expect Nickelback to get signed in the States, let alone achieve international success. The vocalist also stated that How You Remind Me,’ provided them with a huge opportunity. Noting that they have come to this day by preserving the success they achieved at that time, the frontman said that it feels great to be able to do a job they love.

In his own words, Chad described Nickelback’s expectations in their early days:

“I think our bar was really low. If we thought, honestly, because we just looked around at the other Canadian bands, I thought these guys get to do this for a living. I always thought if we could be a big Canadian band and be able to travel back and forth across the country strumming our guitars and screaming into microphones, that would just be fantastic.

I didn’t think we’d even get an American record deal because most Canadian bands sign Canadian deals, and their career rarely makes itself to the 49th parallel. We got really lucky with ‘How You Remind Me’ globally, and then, we’ve just been able just kind of keep this ride going, and it’s amazing. It’s incredible to do what you love every single day.”

The band released its last studio album ‘Feed The Machine’ in 2017. Their new album ‘Get Rollin’ is scheduled to be released in November, five years after the previous one. The first single of their album, ‘San Quentin,’ will meet the audience next week.