Carmine Appice Opens Up About His Friendship With Ted Nugent

The rock drummer Carmine Appice recently talked about his experiences working with several rockstars during his interview on the Drummision YouTube channel. He revealed that after working with Rod Stewart, Ted Nugent told him to contact him if he wanted to play ‘man’s rock.’

Appice is best known for his works with Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, and Rod Stewart. He has worked with many rock and roll musicians during his career, spanning over half a century, and influenced some legendary drummers such as Roger Taylor, Neil Peart, Tommy Lee, and John Bonham.

Aside from contributing to Rod Stewart’s work, Appice has also worked with Ozzy Osbourne. However, he made time to work with Ted Nugent as well. In his interview, he talked about how he decided to work with Nugent and revealed that he called Rod Stewart’s music’ wimpy rock.’

The musician said that he once encountered Nugent in an American Music Awards. The rocker, who is known for his controversial statements, said that if he ever decided to quit Stewart’s ‘wimpy rock,’ Appice should give him a call so that he can finally play ‘man’s rock.’

Here is how Appice talked about working with Nugent:

“After Rod, I worked with Ted Nugent. Yeah, because we did an American Music Awards, and I saw Ted was on it, and we were playing… I don’t know what song, maybe ‘Young Turks’ or ‘Passion’ or something. Ted came up to me and said, ‘Look, when you’re done playing this wimpy rock, you wanna play man’s rock, give me a call.’

We’re good friends. Today, Ted’s going to do an interview for my ‘Guitar Zeus’ project that’s 25th anniversary came out today; its videos were released today. So I worked with Ted. I worked with Ted from 1982 and 1983. Then I started doing things more with my own name.”

After that, he called up Nugent and worked with him for one year, contributing to his seventh studio album, ‘Nugent,’ released in 1982. He played drums and sang backing vocals, and became friends with the activist. After 1983, the drummer toured with Ozzy Osbourne to support his 1983 ‘Bark at the Moon’ album.

You can watch the interview below.