Cardinal Black’s Chris Buck Explains The Police’s Real Strength As A Band

Rockers often appreciate other musicians in the rock scene, and Cardinal Black‘s Chris Buck named his favorite acts and records of all time in the rock scene to Music Radar. The list had names from Guns N’ Roses to the Beatles, but the rocker especially pointed out to the Police as Buck emphasized the real strength the act had.

Among Buck’s favorite records was ‘Outlandos d’Amour,’ now regarded as a timeless classic of the Police. The guitarist disclosed why the record was a favorite of his and stated that the record perfectly showed the eagerness of the young band as they produced their first album.

“This record is such a great example of perfectly capturing the enthusiasm and excitement of a band making their debut album,” stated the rocker. “It was recorded on a shoestring in studio downtime, but there’s such an infectious energy that spans the record, it sounds as though they banged it out in a day or two.”

Buck continued by remarking on why the Police had real musical strength. “The Police are also one of the few bands where each member is as musically strong as the next, but in such a cool, understated way so as not to be showy or in your face about it.”

The guitarist stated that the Police had natural musical talent since each member of the act was as talented as their bandmate. The act also didn’t show off their musical talent. The Police’s debut album showed their enthusiasm as young musicians, and to the guitarist, it was one of his favorite records.