Bruce Springsteen’s Manager Responds To Criticism Over High Ticket Prices


Bruce Springsteen‘s manager Jon Landau spoke to the New York Times and explained the truth behind high-priced concert tickets for their new tour. Landau said the prices were not abnormal because they would watch a worldly-known musician and band.

Following Springsteen and his E Street Band’s latest studio album, ‘Letter to You,’ released on October 23, 2020, and got critical acclaim with their aging and death themes, the band couldn’t work on their tour to promote it. They had to postpone returning to the stage because of COVID-19 precautions and restrictions. Finally, after two years of waiting, the famous musician shared the good news with the fans.

Recently, Springsteen announced that their upcoming tour will start on February 1, 2023, in Tampa, ending on July 25, 2023, in Monza. Although their longtime fans, who couldn’t wait to watch them live again, became happy and excited about the performances, the ticket prices disappointed some of them. The initial ones were between $60 and $399, but they cost more than $4,000 due to Ticketmaster’s dynamic prices.

Thus, it’s unsurprising that the audience targeted the prices, saying they had to sell their kidneys to see them. Some even asked the guitarist Steven Van Zandt to share his ideas on Twitter. Van Zandt stated that he didn’t have anything to do about that, then manager Jon Landau released a statement.

The Bruce Springsteen manager revealed that they compared the prices with the other musicians, which were lower than some of theirs. Landau clarified the controversial situation, stating that the minimum fee is just more than $200, not $1,000, which he found suitable for an artist like Springsteen and his backing band.

About the controversial tickets, Landau said:

“In pricing tickets for this tour, we looked carefully at what our peers have been doing. We chose prices that are lower than some and on par with others. Regardless of the commentary about a modest number of tickets costing $1,000 or more, our true average ticket price has been in the mid-$200 range. I believe that in today’s environment, that is a fair price to see someone universally regarded as among the very greatest artists of his generation.”

Even though Springsteen’s manager responded to the criticism by highlighting that the minimum price that the fans reacted to on their social media accounts wasn’t correct, he didn’t have any solution to the dynamic pricing system. Thus, the ones that wanted to watch E Street Band had to pay thousands of dollars.