Bruce Kulick Explains The ‘Guitar Hero’ Slash’s Secret To Guns N’ Roses Success

Let’s dive into the mystery behind the legendary Slash‘s success in the iconic rock band Guns N’ Roses. The secret might just lie in his choice of guitar, as revealed by none other than Bruce Kulick in a recent interview on Tulsa Music Stream. Sit tight, rock lovers, as we unravel this fascinating tale of guitar heroes and their signature axes!

When talking about guitar heroes, it’s impossible not to mention Slash, the top-hatted icon who has become synonymous with the Les Paul. This signature guitar has played a massive role in shaping Slash’s distinct sound and style. Les Paul guitars have been the go-to choice for many other celebrated guitarists too, including the likes of Ace Frehley from KISS, who has been known to experiment with various colorful and unique versions of the instrument.

In his recent interview, Kulick discussed the importance of consistency in a guitarist’s choice of instrument, citing Slash’s unwavering commitment to the Les Paul. While acknowledging that Slash has occasionally been seen with other guitars, such as the cool BC Rich, Kulick emphasized that it was the Les Paul that remained the staple of Slash’s sound. This consistency, according to Kulick, was key to Slash’s success and the massive accomplishments of Guns N’ Roses.

Kulick also compared the guitar preferences of his fellow musicians, including Ace Frehley and himself. He mentioned that Ace was well-known for his colorful Les Pauls. Kulick then recounted his own experience of joining KISS during the Floyd Rose era, characterized by the widespread use of whammy bars. He stressed the importance of adapting to the trends of the time and staying competitive.

Here is what the guitarist said about Slash:

“When you think of a guitar hero like Slash, you think of a Les Paul even though those pictures of him with a cool BC Rich, right? But he was very consistent with that one instrument, and it served him well. It was perfect in that amazing, hugely successful band. Ace is another one very famous for Les Paul.

It’s different colors, and some of them do amazing things like smoke and shoot rockets. Even though Epiphone, I’ve seen him with a Dwight or some very Oddball guitars. I think it was a Coronet, that red one that you might be thinking. But again, for me joining KISS, first of all, I joined during the Floyd Rose era; whammy bar. You got to compete with what’s going on.”

Thus, the secret to Slash’s success and Guns N’ Roses’ meteoric rise might very well be rooted in the consistency of his chosen instrument. As Bruce Kulick suggests, Slash’s unwavering dedication to the Les Paul played a crucial role in crafting the band’s iconic sound. So, rock lovers, remember that sometimes, it’s not just about the skill and talent of the musician – it’s also about finding the perfect instrument that brings out the best in you!