Bruce Dickinson Warns Iron Maiden Fans For Their Negative Impact On The Band

Bruce Dickinson thinks Iron Maiden fans may limit the band’s creativity.

In a recent chat with The Big Issue, the frontman praised Maiden’s fans, likening their passion to that of football fans:

“Iron Maiden fans are on another level. And it’s a whole life term. I don’t support a football team but I look with astonishment at how supporters react. And I don’t think there’s a word for the level of commitment and devotion people have to a football club. And people have that same level of devotion to Iron Maiden.”

Dickinson added that fan expectations could hinder the band’s creativity:

“Part of me says, wow, that’s amazing. The artistic half of me worries that maybe we don’t challenge ourselves artistically because we have this devoted following and they’re happy with the way we are.”

What Did Dickinson Say About Iron Maiden Fans Before?

In a previous episode of Anders Botters’ Tiny TV, Bruce shared his thoughts on why Iron Maiden fans are so dedicated:

“I can’t speak for every individual Iron Maiden fan, obviously, and I can’t imagine what each of them is individually thinking and what kind of nuance they get out of what we do. Because I think people get different things out of different parts of what we do.”

The vocalist explained that fans are drawn to different aspects of the band:

“You’ve got all kinds of shades of opinion, but they all congregate around a central core, which is, ‘Yeah, it’s Iron Maiden, stupid.’ That’s it.”

Dickinson also said that Iron Maiden is ‘commercially independent’ and doesn’t change their style to please external parties like radio stations or record labels. He said they make their own music and always try to make the best albums. This builds trust with fans, who see the albums as part of their lives.