Bruce Dickinson Shares Excitement To Perform Jon Lord And Deep Purple’s Works

With a new video on the band’s YouTube channel, Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson gave details about the content of the ‘Concerto for Group and Orchestra’ performance he will be featured in. He also mentioned his excitement about the upcoming shows in his statement.

‘Concerto for Group and Orchestra’ is a reflection of Jon Lord’s unique style, consisting of a series of performances that blend Deep Purple’s rock style with orchestral music. In March and April, Bruce Dickinson will be the main singer in the shows and will perform Lord and Deep Purple’s songs along with Tanya O’Callaghan of Whitesnake and Mario Argandonia of Scorpions.

As the performance dates approach, Dickinson expressed his joy and excitement about the occasion and gave an idea of what the audience should expect from the concerts. Stating that the show would have two parts, the musician explained that the first part would be a singing segment. In contrast, in the second part, they would get more instrumental with interactions between orchestra and bands and include an orchestral arrangement of his ‘Jerusalem’ and ‘Tears Of The Dragon.’

His statement in the video started as follows:

“So I’m really excited to be doing this ‘Concerto For Group And Orchestra’ all around the place — around Europe and in Brazil. Well, what is it exactly? Well, it’s about a 45-minute piece of classical music that was written by Jon Lord from Deep Purple involving a group; in this case, it was Deep Purple. And it’s like a meeting of minds between a rock and roll band and an orchestra, and they play slightly separately, they play together. I’m basically just the singer in the part of the Concerto that is the singing part; that’s basically part one of the show.”

To explain part two of the concerts, he said:

“Part two, we kind of really let our hair down a bit. There’s a couple of more classical interactions between the band that’s more instrumental, and then we do five Purple songs with the orchestra and the band, so ‘Perfect Strangers,’ ‘When A Blind Man Cries,’ obviously, ‘Smoke On The Water,’ ‘Hush’ and ‘Pictures Of Home,’ which is a rarity and it’s amazing with the orchestra. And then we’re also going to do something a little bit special. We’ve done an orchestral arrangement of my version of ‘Jerusalem’ and also ‘Tears Of The Dragon’ with the orchestra and the band. So, those two are going to be in there at [the] end — no particular order at the moment. So it’s a really good, amazing evening of fantastic playing by incredible musicians. And that’s what it is — it’s music.”

The upcoming shows create an exciting occasion for fans and the performers who will take the stage. Bruce Dickinson and many other names will play to honor Jon Lord and Deep Purple’s legacy again with ‘Concerto for Group and Orchestra,’ starting in Romania on March 15. The tickets are currently available for sale on Dickinson’s official website.