Bruce Dickinson Recalls The Time When He Didn’t Have Money To Get A Surgery


Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson remembered the time when couldn’t get the surgery due to financial problems during a recent appearance on Loudwire Nights.

Earlier this month, Iron Maiden released the seventeenth studio album named ‘Senjutsu,’ and it is released six years after their latest record, ‘The Book Of Souls.’ Also, the album is an 80-minutes-long double album.

While recording the ‘Senjutsu’ back in 2019, Bruce broke off his Achilles tendon and had to record some of the songs with his injured feet. During this period, he was wearing crutches and a medical boot.

In the conversation, Bruce revealed that he couldn’t get the surgery right away because the hospital didn’t accept the credit card as his payment method because it was Saturday.

Unfortunately, Bruce didn’t bring any cash with him, and he had to walk with the crutches to the cashpoint and back, and he could only take $1.500 from the bank because they thought he was getting scammed.

Thankfully, the hospital finally agreed to bring him to the operating room without taking his money in the first place, and he ended up getting his surgery after all this struggle.

Bruce Dickinson talked about the surgery in the interview:

“So I turn up on crutches the next day, hobbling along, and she says, ‘Yeah, you need to pay some money.’ I said, ‘They told me yesterday I didn’t, but okay, fine, I’ve got my credit card.’ She said, ‘Oh well we don’t take credit cards.‘ I said, ‘Well you did yesterday.’ She said, ‘Well it’s Saturday, it’s all closed.’

I said, ‘Well I’m supposed to be upstairs being operated on in an hour, this is ridiculous.’ She goes, ‘You’re being aggressive.’ I said, ‘I’m not being aggressive, I am being a little bit upset because as you can see, I do have a problem with my leg, and I expect that the surgeons are waiting for me.’

I did like a mile on crutches down to the cash point and back. I said, ‘Look, I got like $1,500 out — that’s it. The card is maxed out, the bank is calling me to see if I’m fraudulent. So I’ll give you that, I’ll give you my passport.’ She goes, ‘I don’t want your money. That’s okay, just go straight up.”

Later in the talk, Bruce also stated that the surgeon found out what the nurse has been doing and he believes that the surgeon had ‘some choice words’ with the nurse in the end.