The Peculiar Reason Bob Dylan Showed Up To Neil Young’s Childhood Home

Bob Dylan has been a major figure in popular culture during a career spanning 60 years. The musician is often regarded as one of the greatest songwriters of all time, with a range of themes reflecting political, social, philosophical, and literary influences.

Much like Dylan, Neil Young is also one of the most celebrated artists in popular music history. He is widely noted for his guitar work, deeply personal lyrics, and signature singing voice. Young has an unofficial nickname of ‘Godfather of Grunge,’ which is related to his often distorted electric guitar playing.

In addition to being two of the greatest artists in the world, Young and Dylan have something else in common. They are also close friends who have occasionally been working together since the mid-’70s. Since they have a strong friendship built on their artistry, Bob Dylan wanted to see where his friend grew up and once showed up at his childhood house.

Bob Dylan Went To Neil Young’s Old House

Back in 2008, Bob Dylan was in Winnipeg, Canada, for a concert at the MTS Centre and decided to pay a visit to Neil Young’s childhood house. The residents of the house, John Kiernan and Patti Regan were surprised to see Dylan on their doorstep and to find out their home was where Young grew up.

As expected, they welcomed the musician and even showed him around the house, and ultimately, Bob Dylan ended uıp in Young’s bedroom. Apparently, Dylan wanted to see where Young spent his early days, while he was probably doing the same thing 200 miles southeast of Winnipeg.

Kiernan told CBC News:

“‘Okay, so this was his view, and this was where he listened to his music.’ Dylan said. It suddenly dawned on me, when you’re looking at Bob Dylan standing in a hallway, that he had a very parallel experience 200 miles to the south, sitting in his room, listening to his music, looking out his window.”

While Bob Dylan himself grew up in Hibbing, Minn., Neil Young spent his formative high school years playing in Winnipeg rock band The Squires. Their paths crossed at a young age, and Dylan wanted to see where Young’s story started.