Bruce Dickinson Picks His Worst Song Ever

Bruce Dickinson does not like one of his songs and even thinks it’s his worst work.

In a recent interview with Revolver, the Iron Maiden frontman was asked to name his best and worst works. After naming one bad song out of ‘a few,’ Dickinson explained why he does not like it:

“Oh, there’s a few. Probably ‘Zulu Lulu,’ as it’s got one of the worst puns on record: ‘She looked me up and down and said, ‘Assiagod for me.'”

Do Fans Agree With Dickinson?

Iron Maiden fans seem to agree with the singer.

In a Reddit discussion about Dickinson’s first studio album ‘Tattooed Millionaire,’ many users shared their ideas. Many of the comments included thoughts about ‘Zulu Lulu.’ Some users stated that while the album overall was good, ‘Zulu Lulu’ and a few other songs were not good.

One commenter said it was ‘lyrically embarrassing’:

“Born in ‘58 is one of my all-time favorite songs. It’s one of my go to songs I hear in my head when I’m mowing the lawn. Great music and great lyrics. Favorite off the album. ‘Tattooed Millionaire’ and ‘All The Young Dudes’ are also killer. ‘Dive! Dive! Dive!’ and ‘Zulu Lulu’ are fun but lyrically embarrassing when you compare them to other songs Bruce has written. This album seems more radio friendly, simple, and fun compared to the future badass albums he would later release. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a bad Bruce album, but I think he was just getting started with this one.”

Another wrote:

“‘Zulu Lulu’ – Another fun, mindless song (Have I said that enough in my track-by-track breakdown?). This one has got more of an AC/DC vibe to me – three chord rock with double entendre lyrics, even Janick’s solo starts of with a classic Angus lick. Not much to this one, but I admittedly do really enjoy it. That’s something that I don’t hear much even from the staunchest defenders of this album.”

What’s Dickinson’s Best Work?

You might wonder what he picked as his best work. This time, Dickinson’s song of choice wasn’t from his 1990 album. Instead, it was from the 1994 album, ‘Balls to Picasso.’ The reason for choosing this song might be surprising. The frontman explained during the same interview:

“I would say ‘Tears of the Dragon’ — ’cause I don’t know what it means. But it means something. That song really affects people. It affects me. I do know what it’s about: It’s about abandonment, not being abandoned, but abandoning yourself to the universe, to whatever is gonna come next. But I still don’t know why it is ‘the tears of the dragon.’ I’ve never figured that out. It works and it means something, but I don’t know what it is. And that’s why it’s great.”

You can listen to the ‘worst’ song below and see for yourself.