Britt Daniel Believes Spoon Has Taken David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ On Another Level

Spoon’s frontman, Britt Daniel, recently sat down with NME to discuss the band’s upcoming tour and their recent cover of David Bowie‘s ‘I Can’t Give Everything Away’ from his final album, ‘Blackstar.’ The Texas indie veterans have a one-off headline show planned at London’s Islington Assembly Hall on June 20 in support of their Grammy-nominated 2022 album ‘Lucifer On The Sofa.’ They will also be joining The Black Keys on their UK arena tour.

Before the highly anticipated shows kick off, Spoon released their cover of ‘I Can’t Give Everything Away,’ which has already generated quite a buzz among fans and critics alike. Daniel opened up about the band’s decision to cover the track and the unique spin they put on the iconic song.

During the interview, the musician explained that he and bandmate Alex Fischel chose to cover the song because they believed they could add something special to it. According to Daniel, they managed to do just that, creating a version that stands apart from the original while still paying homage to the late legend.

The musician shared:

“That’s a song that Alex and I had been playing because we do these duo shows every now and again. I guess it was in 2016 we played a show like that in Mexico City right after Bowie had died, and I had a feeling I could do something with that song. I listen to our version of the song and his version of the song; of course, his version is amazing, but I feel like Alex brought something to this presentation of the song that’s really special.

To emphasize his point, he continued as follows:

“We’ve been playing it since then, and we recorded it live in LA about a year and a half ago now. It’s a fantastic song. You don’t want to cover songs that are perfect, and I thought the words and melody of that one were just about perfect, but I thought there was something we could add to it.

Spoon’s recent cover of David Bowie’s ‘I Can’t Give Everything Away’ showcases the band’s ability to take an already fantastic song and elevate it to new heights. The unique collaboration between Britt Daniel and Alex Fischel has resulted in a tribute that not only respects Bowie’s legacy but also adds another layer to the music world’s appreciation for the iconic artist. As fans eagerly await Spoon’s upcoming performances, they can take solace in knowing that the band continues to push boundaries and create memorable experiences for their audience.