Brian Welch Shares The Story Of How Korn Was Humorously Critized By Busta Rhymes

Korn guitarist Brian Welch opened up about the music video of their song ‘Falling Away From Me’ which was extremely controversial at the time it was released due to the scene that displayed a father beating up his daughter brutally and rapper Busta Rhymes told Welch that he would be banned if he released such a video.

As many of you know, ‘Falling Away from Me’ is a song by Korn which was released as the first single from their fourth studio album ‘Issues,’ on October 27, 1999. The song is mainly about domestic abuse and with its music video, the track actually become one of Korn’s most popular singles.

The music video for ‘Falling Away from Me’ debuted on MTV on November 26, 1999, the anti-child abuse-themed video included a plot in which a young girl clearly abused by her brutal father drawing attention to the message of the song. The video has more than 1oo million views on Youtube and many fans consider the music video as a demonstration and a center of attention for one of the biggest problems in society, child-abuse.

During a recent interview, Brian Welch opened up about the song ‘Falling Away From Me’ and its music video and stated that it was quite controversial at the time it was released and also disturbing. Welch also revealed that famous rapper Busta Rhymes humorously made a comment about the music video by stating that ‘white rock bands’ can get away with questionable actions while he would definitely be banned with a music video like that.

Here is what Welch said:

“Yeah, it was crazy because – just writing ‘Falling Away From Me,’ that first track on the album – or it might’ve been second – that song just exploding on MTV, and it was so controversial. Fred Durst directed a really creepy, eerie video of that girl getting beaten by her dad, and all the kids just saying ‘no more.’ It was a crazy, really crazy video.

I remember Busta Rhymes, the rapper who came to our show, he was like, ‘Man, only you white rock bands can get away with controversial stuff like that on MTV.‘ But he was laughing. He was like, ‘If I put out a video of a dude beating his daughter, I’d get banned immediately.’

It was a disturbing video, it was real, and that was the thing – Jonathan sings about real stuff, so yeah, that song really carried us to a higher level, and then ‘Somebody, Someone’ was really good, a lot of airplay and whatnot.”

You can click here to see the source and listen to ‘Fallin Away From Me’ below.