Brian Welch Says Jonathan Davis Was The Safest Person On Korn Tour But He Tested Positive For Covid


During his latest interview with Talk Toomey Podcast, Korn lead guitarist Brian Welch talked about their tour that took place during last summer amid the global pandemic. Welch highlighted that Korn frontman Jonathan Davis was diagnosed with COVID-19 despite following every safety protocol.

Korn fans got very excited and happy when the band announced that they would start their 2021 summer tour on August 5 in West Palm Beach, Florida. On the other hand, some of his fans stated that it was very dangerous to embark on a tour during a global pandemic. Then, the band revealed a coronavirus case among the band’s crew, but they didn’t give any details about their identity for a while.

Following this announcement, Korn released another statement and unveiled that Jonathan Davis tested positive for COVID-19, and thus, they had to reschedule their tour dates. Their fans shared their good wishes and kind comments with the frontman through their social media accounts. Welch talked about Davis’ health, saying that he’s still suffering from the side effects, but he’s getting better and better. Then, Davis expressed his gratitude for everyone’s support while suffering from the deathly disease.

In his recent conversation, Welch stressed that Davis was the safest person on the tour because he and his girlfriend strictly followed the precautions and restrictions. They stayed away from everyone and were wearing masks all the time during their summer tour. However, surprisingly, he ended up testing positive despite following every rule. It’s still a great mystery and unbelievable thing for his bandmate Brian Welch.

Welch said in his interview that:

“Jonathan Davis was the safest dude on the tour with his girlfriend. They were just, like, away from everybody; I barely saw him and it was with a mask and all that. So it was crazy that he ended up testing positive for COVID-19.

Thankfully, Jonathan Davis is fully recovered and ready for Korn’s upcoming concerts and tours. Still, the band members know that it will be challenging because of the global pandemic. Welch clearly stated that people need live music; that’s why the show must go on no matter what happens to them.