Brian May And Roger Taylor Cannot Come To USA, Adam Lambert Says

Adam Lambert recently made a live stream on his Instagram and revealed that Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor will not be performing with him in his upcoming show because they cannot enter the United States.

As you may know, Adam Lambert was touring with Queen before the pandemic, and their concert tickets would sell out in a matter of hours. After the success of the film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in 2019, the band and Lambert began ‘The Rhapsody Tour.’ However, their Europe dates for 2020 got postponed to 2022 because of the pandemic restrictions.

With the developments of the vaccinations, rockstars began to perform on stage once again. Lambert is one of the stars that couldn’t wait to back on stage. He announced that he will be performing in Vegas in late October and most recently announced that on the 29th, he will do a live stream of the show for his fans to watch all over the world.

In his recent live stream, he was asked by a fan if Queen would make an appearance in his Vegas shows, and he replied by saying ‘no.’ Although the singer will sing some Queen songs, Brian May and Roger Taylor won’t be able to join him in Vegas because they still don’t let tourists in the country. Even with the proof of vaccinations and PCR testing.

Here is what he said about May and Taylor not being able to come to the US:

“’Will Queen make a Cameo in Vegas?’ No. I am definitely gonna be doing some Queen songs, but Brian and Roger can’t actually come to the US right now. No one can as a tourist still here in the US, which is getting a little strange considering that we can prove vaccinations and tests and all that stuff.

I find it weird that our borders are still closed, I don’t really get it. It seems to me that no one just wants to take the time and the energy to screen people. Are we being lazy and cheap? Maybe.”

He pointed out how strange he thought this was because clearly PCR tests and vaccinations work for other countries. The talented singer also stated that the Americans might be lazy and cheap as they don’t open the borders and let tourists in.