Gene Simmons’ Nevada Home Is Invaded By A Wild Bear, Even His Guard Dog Fled

A wild bear broke into Gene Simmons’ Nevada mansion according to a video posted by the rockstar’s wife on Instagram, and it is clear that even his beloved dog George could not do anything at the time of the incident.

KISS’ bassist Gene Simmons has been living in an incredible mansion in Beverly Hills for a long time. He and his wife Shannon Tweed bought the property in 1984 for $1.35 million and Simons spent millions to refurbish the place where he hosted fellow musicians, like Bob Dylan.

Although the pair worked so hard and spent millions for their spectacular mansion, they later decided to sell the estate and leave California. In October, Simmons put his Beverly Hills house on the market for $22 million, and after doing a series of renovations, he relisted the mansion for $25 million in March.

The reason behind the couple’s decision to leave LA was that they got tired of living in a big city, and wanted to have a quieter lifestyle instead. Simmons told The Post about his decision to leave Los Angeles and exclaimed that he was tired of the tour buses popping by his house while adding that there are earthquakes, fires, and pandemics every year despite the nice weather.

Wanting to hike without bumping into people, Gene Simmons and his family chose Nevada as the best place to live. Now living near Lake Tahoe, Simmons told had expressed his happiness for making this decision. However, the Simmons family recently experienced something terrifying in their home in Nevada.

According to a video posted by Shannon Tweed on her Instagram, a big wild bear broke into their house and wandered outside, and even scared their dog, George. In the video, the bear seems calm as it explores its surroundings. Describing the bear as ‘a visitor,’ Shannon revealed that the dog still sits in the same place waiting for the bear to come back.

Shannon Tweed’s Instagram post read:

“We had a visitor at the lake. My dog still sits on the deck in the same place waiting for it to come back!”

It seems living near a lake in a quieter place comes with a possibility of being exposed to wild animals. Although Shannon appears to have stayed calm when she came across such an incident, it is highly dangerous for a wild bear to roam outside of their family home.