Brian Head Welch Says He Wrote Many Songs Related To The Coronavirus Pandemic For The New Korn Album

In an interview with Revolver, Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch has opened up about the themes and events that inspired them to write songs for the new Korn album and stated that the difficulties that everyone faced during the pandemic had also a huge impact on them.

Known as the pioneers of the nu-metal genre, Korn released their 13th and latest studio album named ‘The Nothing‘ on September 13, 2019. The album, which has 13 tracks, received critical acclaim from music critics. Later in 2021, in an interview he joined, Korn guitarist Brian Welch revealed that the band has been working on a new album that might be released within 2021.

Recently, Brian ‘Head’ Welch joined a conversation with Revolver and shared some details about the upcoming Korn album. During the interview, Welch stated that they have already written songs about heartbreak and relationship issues.

Additionally, Brian mentioned that the difficulties that everyone had to face since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, such as being trapped in their houses with their families, also inspired them while writing the songs for the new album. Welch even gave an example of his German friend who had to deal with the strict lockdown measurements of his country and stated that they actually picked up some ideas from stories like that one.

Here is what Brian Welch stated about the writing process of the songs for the new Korn album:

“When you start writing a song like Jasen Rauch does this, he produced it and he played bass on the record, Jasen Rauch sometimes gets a character in mind, and there is this one song called ‘The Hunter,’ he had this story in his mind about a guy being hunted, and all this other stuff going on.

But I’ll butcher it if I try to go on into detail. So I think all the other writers that we wrote with, I think they kind of grab things in their mind that maybe they’ll see a character or a relationship, or they’ll think back to something in their past.

There are songs about heartbreak and relationship issues. But I think that everybody had the back of their mind the stories that were coming out during the pandemic about just difficulties, everybody trapped at home with their families, and going through a lot of stuff like that.

I just talked to a guy earlier in Germany, he’s a journalist, and his kids running around, and he works at home every day, and they’re in a strict lockdown, there’s a lot of issues going on. So I think we picked up some ideas from stories like that.”

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