Bret Michaels Is Glad That Poison Refused To Sell Music Rights

For the last few years, we have witnessed the trend of many high-profile artists and songwriters selling their music rights for millions. While COVID-19 has been the primary reason behind those decisions, tax benefits and estate planning are also among the reasons why artists choose to sell their catalogs. However, according to Poison frontman Bret Michaels, keeping their publishing rights was a better idea, which he recently revealed to SiriusXM.

“I always told people, anybody, no matter what it is you wanna do in life, bet on yourself,” Michaels said as a piece of advice to the young musicians. “I have to bet on me before anyone else is going to bet. So what happened is we go in to do this album [‘Look What the Cat Dragged In’], and we had hit so many walls that we just decided we were going to make this happen.”

The singer continued, “One of the biggest blessings that came from that is we held all of our publishing. I didn’t know that was the gem. We had been offered these really small offers, and we were, like, ‘We’re already poor. Let’s just stay here and just hold on to controlling our career.’”

So, Bret Michaels is glad Poison refused to sell music rights as it was the right move for them. He noted, “And I go back to this now. That ended up being the biggest gem for Poison, we kept all the publishing and just did an administration deal.”

The recording of Poison’s debut studio album ‘Look What the Cat Dragged In’ was partially funded by the band members and their families. Bret Michaels revealed that they also decided in that early period of their career to keep their publishing rights, which turned out to be a great advantage for them. So, despite the common trend, Poison is not willing to sell their music catalog.