Brandon Boyd Addresses Incubus’ Plans To Work On A New Album

Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd spoke to Heavy Consequence and revealed whether they are working on the band’s upcoming album. He also shared their formula for writing and composing new music.

‘8’ was the latest and eighth studio album of Incubus, released on April 21, 2017. Upon its release, the band’s fans appreciated the record’s well-written songs. Its tracks, ‘No Fun,’ ‘Nimble Bastard,’ ‘State of the Art,’ and ‘Glitterbomb’ became very popular and were listened to by their fans worldwide.

However, the band hasn’t dropped any record for five years, and the Incubus fans have been waiting for it impatiently. Instead, they announced their new 2022 US Tour, which will start on July 24 in West Palm Beach and end on September 3 in Bend. The concert dates gave them hope for future projects, and a recent interview carried it further.

In a new conversation, Brandon Boyd said that he can’t believe that Incubus didn’t release any record since ‘8’ and highlighted that they are always focused on making new music together, which is challenging and fun. He’s sure that they will start creating for their ninth album as soon as the band members meet in their studio for rehearsals.

Regarding their possible new album, Boyd said:

“It’s wild that it has almost been five years since we put a record out. That’s so crazy. We’re always talking about making new music together, and it’s really fun and wonderfully challenging to write music with the guys in the band.

I have no doubt that once we get into our band room and start playing that, new music will emerge. That’s usually how it happens. When we get together to rehearse for some upcoming shows, we’re swiftly reminded how much fun it is to be in the band and to make new music.”

You can watch the interview below.