Blondie’s Clem Burke Recalls Iggy Pop Being Ignored By Mick Jagger

Blondie drummer Clem Burke recently spoke to Spin about the time when the Rolling Stones icon Mick Jagger pissed Iggy Pop off by ignoring him.

Apart from lending his drumming skills to Blondie throughout their entire career, Clem Burke has also worked with several other musicians after Blondie’s disbandment. During the ’80s and ’90s, he played drums for the Romantics, Bob Dylan, Pete Townshend, Joan Jett, Eurythmics, and Iggy Pop.

In the late 1970s, when Debbie Harry decided to take a hiatus from Blondie and focus on her solo work, Clem Burke started playing with Iggy Pop. Speaking to Spin, the drummer recalled those days and revealed an interesting incident that occurred between Iggy Pop and Mick Jagger.

Clem Burke said that playing loud and fast was mandatory for Iggy Pop, and there was no food but only substances backstage. The drummer said they shared several unforgettable moments as they even got stuck in Canada during a blizzard. Following that, Burke recalled a show they did in 1981 in Detroit where they shared the stage with Santana and The Rolling Stones.

According to Burke, Mick Jagger ignored and didn’t say hello to Iggy Pop, which made the singer really angry. Another thing the drummer recalled was Pop’s clothing, which consisted of a mini skirt, a leather jacket, suspenders, and boots on night one, and pantyhose and a leather jacket on night two.

In the interview with Spin, Clem Burke recalled the following:

“Now, Iggy had a mandate: play as loud and as fast as possible. Also, no food backstage, just drugs and alcohol. A sort of ‘No Blow, No Show’ kind of atmosphere.

There are so many incredible moments. From getting stuck in Canada during a blizzard, waiting for a blues singer who was delivering all these goods. All the way to Detroit in 1981, where we played in the Pontiac Silverdome–with no sound check! Iggy, Santana, The Rolling Stones–it was like entering a Roman Colosseum that night.

Anyway, Iggy was so miffed that Mick Jagger didn’t say hello to him. And on top of that Iggy was wearing a mini skirt, suspenders, a leather jacket, and boots. That was night one. Well, on night two, he was in pantyhose and a leather motorcycle jacket. Basically naked from the waist down, and let me tell you, when the spotlights hit him, you could see it all!”

Mick Jagger was one of Iggy Pop’s influences, and he inspired Pop’s vocals and persona. So, it’s somewhat understandable that getting ignored by Jagger got on Pop’s nerves.