Blaze Bayley Says He Was Disappointed When Bruce Dickinson Rejoined Iron Maiden


Former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley recalled the time the band asked him to leave during his latest interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. The famous musician revealed what he felt after their reunion with the frontman Bruce Dickinson.

Following Dickinson’s departure from the band to focus on his solo career in 1993, the remaining members had to find a new vocalist. They went over thousands of tapes that several vocalists had sent to join Iron Maiden, but then the band was determined to hire Wolfsbane’s Blaze Bayley. Wolfsbane had previously performed supporting acts for them, so they had a chance to observe his talent as a singer, and they offered him the job.

Bayley became Iron Maiden’s new frontman and sang on the two records, ‘The X Factor’ and ‘Virtual XI,’ but these remained the only works he contributed to. The Virtual XI Tour in 1998 was challenging for the band as they had to cancel some dates because of the singer’s vocal issues. Blaze Bayley was asked to leave the band in 1999 as his performance, and their albums didn’t meet their expectations.

In his conversation, the musician opened up about his meeting with the other members, in which he learned that they wanted to part ways with him. Bayley asked whether Dickinson would return to the band, and after they remained silent for a while, they responded by saying yes. He also said it was clear that the band members had made this decision while he was still performing with them.

Blaze Bayley recalled that meeting by saying:

“They did the proper thing. We had a meeting with everyone around the table. ‘With the greatest respect, everyone is doing this. It’s a huge deal. We’re sorry. We can’t carry on.’ I said, ‘Is Bruce coming back?’ There was this silence for a moment. That decision had been made quite a while ago. I was unaware of it.

They said, ‘Yes, he is.’ I said, ‘OK.’ We don’t have anything else to talk about. I thank you for everything. I will never say a bad word about this band because I’ve been treated very well. I was disappointed and gutted because I loved it. As difficult as it was to keep your voice at that level, I still loved it.”

Even though Bayley admitted that he felt disappointed when Dickinson replaced him, the vocalist reflected his thankfulness to the band for treating him well. The former Iron Maiden singer noted that this is why he won’t say anything negative about them and added that he loved being a part of the band despite its challenges.