Black Veil Brides’ Andy Black Explains The ‘Privilege’ Men Had In Rock Music

Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Black and Automatic Loveletter’s former frontwoman Lilith Czar sat down with Allison Hagendorf and talked about their relationship as a ‘rockstar couple,’ as well as their personal careers.

Allison asked Lilith where the ‘Who’s to say a woman can’t think with her dick?’ lyric of ‘King‘, from her 2021 album ‘Created from Filth and Dust’, came from, to which she answered:

“That lyric stems from a lot of frustration of feeling like I was being treated differently because I was a woman. From being told women don’t make rock music to being treated like I was being bitch if I was stating my opinion or asserting myself. It just comes from this pent-up frustration and rage being looked at any differently from a man[…]”

In addition to what Czar said about the double standards being applied towards women, Andy pointed out how social structures assign a role to people, and being a man in the music industry brings a privilege:

“And even beyond that, you know, in this day and age,  there are so many distinctions culturally between what represents a man versus what represents a woman. And regardless of any of those factors,  and as I said earlier, being a man in the industry or in the world, there is a benchmark of power that is given that is maybe unarmed and primarily unarmed in the sense that it is sort of a privilege you might say.”

He also mentioned that the such privilege, given by the traditional point of view, is used with malicious intents:

“It is the truth that the power structure that exists surrounded by, I guess what you call the traditional male character and -I don’t mean to sound too dramatic- but it is villainous in so many ways and has been for so long.”

Misogyny, and double standards to which women musicians are subjected is an on-going discussion for a long time. In 2020, Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee posted on her Facebook her thoughts about the topic:

“Honestly, women DO get skipped over. We DO get left out of the recap when it all boils down. It IS harder to make it onto the cover or the radio. Because our face is not the classic, quintessential face of rock…if you’re thinking of it as a literal face.”

After this post, Evanescence’s single ‘Use My Voice’ was released, featuring Taylor Momsen, Lzzy Hale, Lindsey Stirling and Sharon den Adel for the vocals. Amy Lee posted about this on her IG, expressing her proud about the collaborations:

“One of the most exciting parts of making our new song was getting a little help from our friends. A very special thank you to all the incredible women who lent their voices to create the tidal wave of girl power on ‘Use My Voice.'”

You can watch the whole interview below.