Billy Joel Postpones His Upcoming Show As He Needs ‘Vocal Rest’

Billy Joel was about to give his last concert of 2022, but his plans didn’t go as intended. According to his recent announcement on Twitter, the singer postponed his show at Madison Square Garden because his doctors ordered him to rest his voice.

Joel has the record for the most shows played at Madison Square Garden with 131 dates. He last performed at the legendary venue on November 23, and his fans expected to see him perform there on December 19. However, the Piano Man was forced to postpone this show due to a viral infection.

“I’m disappointed to share that I’m under doctor’s orders for vocal rest due to a viral infection,” Billy Joel wrote in his recent tweet. “So, unfortunately, I must postpone my Monday, December 19 concert at Madison Square Garden to June.”

He then continued, apologizing to his fans for the inconvenience, “I’m so sorry to let you know so close to show day, but I was hoping to be closer to a full recovery by now. Sadly, that hasn’t happened. I look forward to seeing you in the New Year.”

The musician’s next show will also take place at the Garden the following year, on January 13. Before the rescheduled show on June 2, he’ll take the stage at the venue on January 13, February 14, March 26, April 22, and May 5. So, Joel’s fans will have a chance to see him perform in the New Year.