Billy Corgan: People Will Finally See My True Personality

Billy Corgan recently answered fan questions about his new reality TV show, ‘Billy Corgan’s Adventures in Carnyland,’ in a YouTube video. When asked what he was most excited for viewers to learn about him through the show, Corgan shared:

“I think the comment that I’ve seen from friends who have watched the show is – and of course those friends know me well – they’re like, ‘Wow, this is how you actually are in real life!’ And I think people are gonna be surprised – of course, I’m saying what they said to me. ‘People are gonna be surprised about how you are in real life. How you are in real life is not how you are in the media or how you are even when you’re with the band.’”

Fans Will See He’s Different From What Rumors Say

The Smashing Pumpkins vocalist went on:

“I think that’s exciting. I think it’ll be nice for people to see, for once after how many years I’ve been in public over thirty years, my real personality. You know, in something like this, I can act however I want to act, but over the course of a reality show, I think you get a good sense how I roll and how people deal with me.”

News reported some industry insiders describing Billy Corgan as a control freak and a megalomaniac over the years. Sharon Osbourne once called him ‘a six foot baldy twat in a dress.’ He referred to those comments and explained:

“Despite my reputation, I think you’ll see me interacting with lots of different people and you’ll see a real mutuality and partnership going on, which is very much similar to how the bands operated through the years. But most people don’t know that because, of course, they read some article that said I’m a mean guy with the pitch work.”

The Reality TV Show Is Ready For Release

The first trailer for ‘Billy Corgan’s Adventures in Carnyland’ dropped on May 13. It showed Corgan talking about his dual life as The Smashing Pumpkins vocalist and a wrestling promoter.

The singer said the following about his job as the National Wrestling Alliance president:

“Every day I question my sanity ‘cause I have a really good day job.”

The NWA announced a new partnership with The CW for the streaming of its events in February. Corgan commented on the collaboration:

“The CW has made a big commitment to sports, and they have an incredible top-tier streaming platform. The network’s audience represents a very wide swath of American culture—which wrestling has always been a key part of. This partnership gives us the opportunity to reach that audience more readily. We’re excited to get the chance to show there are other voices in professional wrestling.”

‘Billy Corgan’s Adventures in Carnyland’ will premiere on The CW today (May 14).