Billy Corgan Criticizes American Fans’ Demand For Older Songs

In a new interview with Kerrang!, The Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan criticized American fans for always asking for older songs in the shows. During the chat, the frontman explained why people would want to hear the classics, but pointed out that it would be the end of their career:

“It comes from a good thing, which is that people really love your music, you know what I mean? It’s not a bad thing that they want to hear songs that they love. But you can’t live in the past. It’s the death of any artist.”

He also explained how fans in America affected it:

“And particularly in America, you know, we have a whole cottage industry here of people living in the past. And there is something to be said for when times are really tough, economically, politically, people tend to reach for nostalgia. So there’s even more pressure right now on artists to be nostalgic.”

Corgan Won’t Play The Classics

Billy Corgan doesn’t give in to pressure when it comes to playing Smashing Pumpkins’ classic hits.

During the same interview, the frontman pushed back against the idea that his band is required or forced to perform their hit songs to please fans. Corgan said:

“I only play songs I want to play. I don’t care if they’re classics or not. If I don’t feel like playing it, I won’t. I don’t force it on the audience like, ‘I have to play this for you.’ I find that kind of cheesy.”

Corgan also added that the ideal experience for fans would be those who are fans of older music but leave pleasantly surprised by newer songs. This particularly includes the B-sides.

Smashing Pumpkins have a busy tour schedule this summer. They kick the tour off with European dates alongside Weezer starting June 7.

Then, they are back in the US in July to start their Saviors tour at the end of the month. They’ll be touring stadiums across the country with Green Day and Rancid. The tour ends on September 28 in San Diego.