Billie Joe Armstrong Puts An End To The Greatest Moment In Rock History Debate

Billie Joe Armstrong has put an end to the debate about the greatest moment of rock in history.

The Green Day frontman took to Instagram to share a story of a live performance. He reposted the video from the original poster’s account on his story and wrote:

“Quite possibly the greatest moment in rock history.”

The video Armstrong shared captured Ozzy Osbourne singing ‘Bark At The Moon’ during a solar eclipse. With the video he shared, he put an end to the debate that’s been going on for years on different platforms. See the story below.


When Did It Happen?

Back in August 2017, Osbourne performed at the Moonstock Festival in Carterville, Illinois. It was still bright outside when Osbourne and his band started playing with Carl Orff’s ‘Carmina Burana’ as an intro. But right as ‘Bark at the Moon’ kicked in, everything went dark. A fan caught the whole thing on video, even capturing the exact moment the moon covered the sun. By the time the song finished, the eclipse was already done and the sky was bright again.

Fans Agree With Armstrong

As it appears, Armstrong is not the only person who thinks it’s a legendary moment in rock and metal history. Fans also think the same way. One user wrote under Osbourne’s post:

“No one will ever top how absolutely metal this moment was. Ozzy is a f*cking legend.”

Another wrote:

“Well that’s pretty much the most metal thing ever.”

Another said it was the coolest thing ever:

“I honestly do not know why I’ve never seen this video before! This is the coolest thing ever, and only Ozzy could pull it off!”

You can see the video below.