Billie Joe Armstrong Attends Taylor Swift Show, He’s More Than Impressed

Taylor Swift impressed Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong with her live performance.

Armstrong shared a photo of himself from Swift’s France concert and wrote in the caption:

“Just saw Taylor Swift eras tour in Lyon France 🇫🇷!! Great production. Great voice. Great entertainer. Great songwriting. Crazy crowd. People even shared with me some friendship bracelets. Thanks a million, Taylor Swift. My bracelets say.”

What Did Armstrong Earlier Say About Taylor?

Billie talked about Swift before, too. He resembled Green Day’s impact on the music scene to Taylor and said in an interview with Guitar World:

“If Green Day were a new band in this era, I feel like we would fit right in next to Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift in a lot of ways. Because I just feel that if it’s good songs – if it’s great songs – you can bust through any genre or any sort of popularity contest. So I just always go to where I’m strongest, and that’s good lyrics, good melodies, good songwriting. You have to throw yourself curveballs sometimes. Or else you get bored, you know?”

Later in the same chat, the rocker also talked about how Green Day still attracts new fans:

“I mean, if we were a new band in this era, I don’t know if trying to sign to a major label and doing all that would be the right place for us. But since we have all this history of having big songs and big records and a lot of mainstream success, it’s a different story. I also feel that we continue to generate new fans just because there’s something about the energy of Green Day that I think a lot of young people flock to every time we put out a new album. Our fans are all ages – and I’m talking, like, 11-year-olds to 65-year-olds in our audience.”

Armstrong is not the only artist who voiced his admiration for Taylor. Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder also told Mojo in March that he took his daughters to a Swift concert and was impressed by the fans. They reminded him of punk rock crowds with their powerful energy.

You can see Billie’s IG post below.

Photo Credit: Billie Joe Armstrong – Instagram