Billie Eilish Gives The Beatles Songs As An Example To Respond Criticism About Her Music

Although Billie Eilish moves more in a dark pop line in her musical journey, Dave Grohl once referred to her as one of the names that revived rock and roll. She grew up listening to the Beatles, Linkin Park, and Green Day and managed to catch a tone of her own at an early age, frequently labeled as ‘depressing’ and ‘dark.’ In an upcoming episode of Audible’s new Origins series, Eilish reacted to the comments about her music and responded to those who described it as ‘sad.’

“It was so weird to me when I was first coming up,” said the young musician, explaining that the initial feedback to her music had surprised her. “And the thing everybody said was, like, ‘Billie Eilish’s music is so depressing, and it’s so sad, and it’s too dark,’ and I was like, ‘What are you talking about? Have you listened to the Beatles and ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ and ‘Yesterday,’ and Lana Del Rey? Like, what the hell?’ It was so surprising to me that people thought anything I was creating was dark. I mean, it’s real.”

Of course, it is debatable whether Billie Eilish made a rock and roll revolution, but it is possible to say that she introduced goth and dark tones to pop music well. The reason why her music is described as so depressing is probably that it is generally not surrounded by uplifting lyrics and melodies. The singer wrapped up her Happier Than Ever, The World Tour last month and will continue delivering shows in December.

All episodes of ‘Origins,’ including Eilish’s part, will air on November 17. Besides Billie Eilish, the musicians like Doja Cat, Camilo, and King Princess will also be guests. The upcoming show, which basically aims to discover the ‘origin’ of the artists, will include both the singers’ own narratives and live performances.